Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you already decided what plan is most suitable for you, CONTACT US to get started
  2. We will call you and ask basic questions about your business and what you want on your website
  3. We will send you the first invoice that you can pay via credit card or bank transfer or interac
  4. Once the first payment is made, your dedicated developer will get in touch and kick-start the whole process

Upon receiving the first invoice, you will be able to make the upfront payment via credit card, bank transfer or interac. The following monthly payments will be done the same way, although it’s preferable to pay with a credit card to enable the automatic monthly payments for 36 months.

At any time you decide to fulfill the remaining amount, we will issue an invoice and terminate automatic payments.

PS: You can always keep your website hosted with GXN even after your payments are fulfilled. Currently, 2022, renewal fee is $105 per year 

Once we buy the domain name you want, we will setup an empty WordPress website that only logged-in users can access (you and your developer). We will send you by email instructions how to log in and browse literally thousands of beautiful premium themes from within your website.

When you decide which one you want, we will use it to build your site.

You can choose to change the colors and fonts of the PS: template.

Yes, we can!

You can request one of two options for logo creation:

  1. We use canva.com to generate a logo from templates, show you 3 options and you pick one. This logo will cost you $50 billed separately 
  2. If you need something more customized and truly unique to your brand, we will put you in contact with one of our design partners, usually a freelancer, and you will work with them directly on your logo. This payment will be done to the designer and not GXN

First we will hear your story. We love listening to people talking about their vision and their plans! Based on the discussion, we will use a list of keywords, ideas and market specifics to study your local competitors.

Second step is to decide the structure of the website: pages, sections, titles, catch-phrases, call-to-action, etc…

Then we will use an advanced AI engine to generate the talking points for each section, focusing on the tonality that you want (serious, witty, professional, friendly, etc…) and feed the AI a list of keywords focused for SEO

Once the content is generated, your developer will fill it in the pages and ask you to have a look and revise it.

You will then get 1 round of corrections only. You will prepare all the modifications you want in one email and your developer will do the changes accordingly.

You have two options for creating and hosting your custom emails.

  1. Free with any GXN plan, you get 1 email account with 5GB space that you can access via web or on your mobile mail application. This option is hosted on www.privateemail.com and is a good option for starters
  2. We can set you up with Google for business email, so your account will be hosted on Google servers for CAD$6/month that you will pay directly to Google. This option is more suitable for stability and long term scalability of your company

While you always have full access to your WordPress site (admin account), GXN will keep control of your domain name until all payments are fulfilled. We will keep it well configured (DNS, SPF, DMARK, and set up all necessary records needed)

Once your payments are done, at your request, we will give you full access to your domain, or help you transfer it somewhere else if you decide so

Sure you can! We will help you transfer your domain from your current registrar to ours. If you already have a website and we’re building a new one for you, your old website will remain intact until the day of launching the new website.

If you already have a domain with emails active @yourdomain, changing to our registrar will not affect your old email accounts.

We do not use shared hosting! Shared hosting is when your website is placed on the same server as many others, all sharing resources, resulting in slow connections, down time, and frustrated clients!

GXN hosts all its clients on private cloud servers that we build on Amazon AWS.

After your payments are fulfilled, you can choose to stay hosted with GXN, or request a copy of your website to be hosted somewhere else.

Before all 36 payments are fulfilled, your website must remain hosted with GXN.

Once all your payments are fulfilled, you can request full access of your website and your domain at any time. If you wish to remain hosted with GXN, we will still give you full access to the domain but ask you not to change the DNS.

You will, however, have full admin access to your WordPress site from the start of the project.

When it comes to security and performance, we guarantee the use of the best industry standard practices to keep your site super-fast and protected.

All GXN plans get the same protection plan:

  • Protection behind cloudflare firewalls
  • Anti-spam plugins
  • Malware scan 24/7
  • Hacking and login brute-force protection
  • Caching plugin to boost the speed
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Monthly WordPress plugins updates by your developer

The e-commerce plan is built with woocommerce and has all the basic setup features you will need to get started:

  1. Sell physical and virtual products
  2. Product variations (colors, sizes, etc…)
  3. Credit card payments with Stripe
  4. PayPal payments
  5. Google Pay
  6. Apple Pay
  7. Interac payments
  8. Cash payments
  9. Moneris
  10. Bitcoin payments
  11. Custom emails to be sent on purchases
  12. Automatic invoicing
  13. Setup your Canadian taxes
  14. Setup your delivery fees calculations
  15. Coupons

Some other features might be added for an extra cost:

  • Gift cards
  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Product bundles (upsell and cross-sell)
  • Complex discount rules
  • Delivery charges by distance
  • and countless other options!


Get in touch with us to discuss this more in details.

If you purchase the STARTER plan, you will be responsible of writing your own content and hence your search results will be totally up to you. However, the basic setup of the pages will be SEO ready, for example title tags, text formatting, bullet lists, etc…

The CONTENT+ and E-COMMERCE plans offer a more optimized approach for SEO. Your content will be fully generated around SEO (keywords, geographical targeting, snippets, etc…)

Always keep in mind that search engines love dynamic and interesting content. Therefore, after launch, we will encourage you to keep writing new blog entries every week. You can always purchase more AI generated content and we will periodically add content to your website. Get in touch with us to discuss this option.

Getting to the first page of Google search results depends on several factors, like the competition, the nature of your business, how committed you are to keep working on SEO over the years, etc…


Of course! All GXN plans will be linked to Google Analytics 4 and you will be given access to the console.

Your dedicated developer will always support you with bugs and modifications. Most of the small tweaks will be done for free during the 36-month period while your payments are still not done.

Requests that demand extra development, heavy modifications, adding new sections to he website after launch, etc… will be billed at an hourly rate of CAD$40

Absolutely! Right after launching your website, you will have a full demo of your website and a crash course in WordPress by your developer. The meeting will held on either Zoom or Teams and will be recorded. You will get a copy of the recording to keep as a reference.

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